Fazenda Sucuri

Fazenda Sucuri

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Origin: Brazil

Region: Cerrado Mineiro

Farm: Fazenda Cachoeira

Producer: Danilo Barbosa

Varietals: Yellow catuai

Process: Natural 

Altitude: 1100 masl

Importer: Orange Brown

Tasting notes: Candied pinapple, walnut

The Barbosa Family has been producing coffee since the twentieth century. From Mr. Barbosa’s great-grandparent, Elias Barbosa to his sons Vítor Marcelo and Sergio Ricardo, coffee has always been a family business. Danilo’s wife, father, son, and daughter-in-law are all working together, so the office is like a big home.

The office is located in Carmo do Paranaíba, Estate of Minas Gerais. The team is composed of ten people working together to deliver the best coffee. Unique quality is at the centre of the family’s priorities. Everything is closely watched, from the choice of varietals, to harvest season, to the stages of their traceability program.

With low humidity and lighter temperatures during the dry season, the Cerrado Region has all the conditions to produce specialty coffee.

Direct trade is yet another priority of the Barbosa Family. For many decades the family produced and sold the coffee to exporters around the region but the focus was always to trade directly with importers all around the world. The dream came true in the last few years with their great coffee now being in high demand and exported on a Direct Trade basis from the farm to your cup. 

Source: Orange Brown 

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