Finca Ojo de agua

Finca Ojo de agua

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Origin : Nicaragua
Region : Dipilto
Farm : Finca Ojo de agua
Producer : Juan Ramon Diaz
Varietal: Gesha
Process : Natural 
Altitude : 1350 masl

Tasting notes: Cherry, plum, cloves

Finca Ojo de Agua has been in in the Diaz family for 35 years. From the start, M.Diaz pushed the family to be relentless in their vision and not compromise in its potential, both as a prosperous family business, but also a establishment in the community that provides ample work for the local inhabitants. 

The father-son dynamic is one that honours past traditions while embracing new and experimental processing methods such as carbonic maceration and further improving on Honey and Natural process.

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