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Origin: Ethoipia

Region: Hambela, Guji

Washing Station: Guduba

Owner: Eyasu Worasa

Varietals: Wolisho, Dega

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1900 à 2100 masl

Fermentation: Wet fermented for 72 hours

Soaking time: 24 hours

Drying Method: Raised beds

Drying Time: 10 days

Importer: Apex Coffee Imports

Tasting Notes: Sweet grapefruit, black tea, chamomile, green grape candy, champagne

Established in 2013, the Guduba Wet Mill is located near the Benti Nenka village in the Hambela Wamena district of the Guji zone. This mill is owned by Eyasu Worasa who has been working in specialty coffee for the past 11 years. This station encourages farmers to deliver consistently ripe cherries in order to yield a cleaner and more uniform final cup. Together with our export partners, we paid a premium to the washing station for this coffee with a portion of this bonus being used to build a school in the village for local children to attend. They are also working on improving the roads in the area to make it easier for farmers to travel to deliver cherries to the mill. Next year, the premiums will be used to build a new health clinic in the village.

(Source: Apex Coffee Imports)

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